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  1. Why am I not finding any results to my search?
    Statusfy only returns results near your location. You can set your location by tapping the pencil under the search input and entering a zip code or city. Optionally you can use your current location by tapping the Set to My Location button and granting access to your device's location.
    If you still do not find results it means there are no organizations in your area publishing their status information.
    You can enter the 10 digit account number of the organization you are trying to find to be taken directly to the account in cases where you are not near their location, they do not publish their location, or they do not make their status info searchable. Please do not leave a bad app review if you do not find results in your area. This app is meant for patrons of municipalities and organizations that utilize the service.
  2. How do I enable notifications for status updates?
    On the web, tap the alert icon next to the extension. For the app, first you favorite an extension by tapping the star icon. That will display the alert icon you can now enable. If an extension is already a favorite, either navigate to the extension's page and enable the alert icon, or from the list view, tap the alert icon in the header to display the alert icons for each extension and toggle the ones for the extensions you wish to enable.
  3. Why don't I see my favorites I setup on another device after signing in?
    Favorites are stored per device, not per user. The only extensions that will follow a user to every device is extensions the user has update permissions to.
  4. How do I update a status?
    You must be granted permission by an administrator on the account and login to the app with those credentials. You will then see an edit/pencil icon next to the status icon of any extension you have permission to update. Tap the edit icon over the status you would like to update and choose the new status from the choices shown in the footer and complete the process.
  5. Why can't I update a status on Statusfy when I can on Rainout Line?
    Statusfy has additional permission levels than Rainout Line. Your admin will need to grant your permissions through Statusfy before you can update via Statusfy.