Keep your customers happy by making the status information
to your facilities, events, and services simple to access.

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What is Statusfy?

Statusfy is a system for organizations to keep their patrons informed of status information regarding facilities, events, and services. Updates can be made via mobile app, website, or dial-in phone line. That information is delivered to your web pages, social media feeds, dial-in "hot" line, mobile app, and informational signs. Users can receive notifications of updates via text, app, and email.

Parks and Rec Departments

Post the status of fields, pools, tennis courts, and events.

Swim, Golf, and Tennis Clubs

Notify members of facility conditions and closures and event status.

HR Departments

Notify workers of shift status affected by unplanned events.

Tournament Directors

Notify refs, coaches, and players of field status and schedule changes.

Technology Services

Post system statuses and outages.

Theme Parks and Ski Resorts

Post wait times and closures.

Why Statusfy?

Easy To Update
Easy to update

Imagine tapping a button on your mobile app to cancel a game and having that message updated on your phone hot-line, website, and mobile app. That message will also be pushed out via text and email, and even Facebook and Twitter. Don't like using apps or websites? Call in and update the status via your phone line.

Simple to check
Simple to check

Your participants can choose to get updates on their terms making everybody happy. Mobile App, Text alerts, your Website, Email... even a traditional dial-in Phone line.

Streamline communications
Streamline communications

Multiple extensions mean your participants can easily get only the info they care about... and lets you update only the info that needs updating. Each extension can be a field, facility, event, or whatever makes sense to your organization, for example "Monday Adult Softball".

Delegate updates
Delegate updates

Give additional users the ability to update the events/facilities/services they are assigned. Status info goes out quicker and more efficiently.

Integrates easily
Integrates easily

Use our Feed Builder to generate embeddable banners and lists of your status info for your website and app, or output as JSON data for multitudes of other applications.

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Save time & money
Save time & money

The efficiency of the system saves you time while costing less then a traditional phone line. The time savings provided to your customers generates valuable returns with increased customer satisfaction.

Happy patrons
Happy patrons & customers

"Only our park restroom remodeling got more feedback from our residents than our [RainoutLine] roll-out, but that cost over a million dollars vs $399."

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Statusfy Benefits

  • 1

    Time Saver

    Saves you and your customers time.

  • 2

    Happy Customers

    Eliminate customer frustration providing the status info they need.

  • 3


    Less than the cost of a regular phone line!

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Features Comparison

While there are many options for providing status information to customers, none of them are as easy or complete as Statusfy.
Statusfy is designed specifically as a solution to this problem, while other options are only tools that partially address it.

Statusfy Traditional Phone Line
Multi-Line dial-in phone number Check Mark Check Mark
Mobile App & Push Notifications Check Mark
Email & Text Notifications Check Mark
Website integration Check Mark
Post to Facebook Check Mark
Post to Twitter Check Mark
API to integrate with other systems Check Mark
Update from phone call, web, or app Check Mark
Multi-user and custom permissions
Check Mark
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