Our History

Statusfy began in 2007 as a solution to not knowing if roller-hockey games had been canceled. The Florida summers are known for isolated storms, so many times the games would be canceled due to the rink getting soaked but players not having any way to know until they showed up. Other times teams would forfeit thinking the rink must be soaked only to find it had not been hit. This caused major frustration for those seeking status information, and so our solution was born that made everyone Statusfied!

Our Team

Technical Director

Stephen has more than 25 years in IT security focused on building, testing, and improving the security for several Fortune 500 companies as well as five Olympic Games (Salt Lake City, Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver). After experiencing an ailing back, Stephen became a yogi and now teaches Vinyasa Yoga in Santa Monica.


Doug is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa and has over 27 years developing database and web based software solutions. A once professional wakeboarder, Doug now enjoys other water sports that are friendlier on the knees.

Sales and Support

Alli joined Statusfy in 2018 after attending UC Berkely. Alli's dream of being in the circus is no longer a dream and currently tours with Circus Vargas as a trapeze artist!

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