Introduction to Statusfy
Statusfy is a platform to provide status information of your facilities and events to your patrons.  It solves the problem of patrons not knowing the status of events/facilities and eliminates frustrations with trying to contact staff to find out. It saves staff from having to answer repeated questions from patrons about status information, or from having to record lengthy phone messages, or from having to update websites and social feeds.

Each of your events and facilities can be updated with its own status, which we refer to as an Extension, and set to "Green", "Yellow", "Red", or "Blue". The colors are accompanied by an icon and a descriptive word to indicate the status (the word can be different depending on the type of extension.. ie Red can be "Canceled" for an event or "Closed" for a facility). The status can optionally include a detailed message if more info needs to be communicated.  Each of your staff can be limited to updating only the extensions they should have access to, and can perform the updates via the Statusfy app or website, or by dialing in to your hotline number and entering a PIN.

Your patrons can then check the status of the extensions they are interested in via: the Statusfy app, website, or dialing in to your assigned hotline number.  Additionally, you can embed the status information directly on your website and app using widgets we provide, or integrate in multitudes of ways via raw data output. Patrons can choose to receive notifications when a status changes via app, text message, or email.

Created: June 1, 2023
Last updated: 30+ days ago by Doug Homan