Introducing Statusfy to Rainout Line Customers

Statusfy can best be described as RainoutLine version 2, providing an updated user interface and additional features to the same core functionality as RainoutLine.  The same data can be accessed from both systems allowing existing RainoutLine customers/organizations to transition to Statusfy without disrupting their patrons existing methods of access via the website, the app, dial-in, or any embedded feeds on their own website.  Conversely, any patrons that may already be using the Statusfy app or website for accessing status info for other organizations can also access status info for RainoutLine customers/organizations.  However, keyword searching in Statusfy is location based, so organizations remaining on RainoutLine will want to make sure they have provided address info for each extension to assure customers can easily find the info when searching on Statusfy.  Notifications via app, text, and email will work interchangeably between the 2 services so it does not matter which the organization is using and which the patron used to register for the notifications.

The exception to this interchangeability is for org users.  Org users are those users that have any kind of update permissions for the organization's account.  Once an organization chooses to make Statusfy its primary service, org users can only make updates via the Statusfy website or app.  This is because Statusfy provides additional security/permission levels which the Rainout Line interface can not work with. If org users try to make an update via RainoutLine, they will receive an alert informing them that they must use Statusfy to make updates.

See your RainoutLine account on Statusfy now!

Even without making Statusfy your primary service, your RainoutLine info is available on Statusfy. Goto and enter your 10 digit RainoutLine account/dial-in number in the search box. Once on your page, you can also test the mobile app by clicking the More Info link and scanning the QR Code with your Android or iPhone.

While most features will already work in Statusfy, you must change your primary service to Statusfy for all features to work 100% as designed.

Why would a RainoutLine customer want to switch to Statusfy?

1. Better experience for your patrons: an updated and mobile friendly web design; location based searches makes finding your info easier; app deep linking allows you to use QR Codes posted at facilities or in newsletters to help patrons setup their smart phones. Scanning the code will install the app with your info automatically favorited; improved voices used for the dial-in phone access; easier subscribing/unsubscribing to status updates; easier searching in app with more control over app display options.

2. Better admin features: improved app allows for bulk updating, enabling/disabling, reposting; single sign-on allows signing in to website or app via Google or Microsoft accounts; better filtering of extensions for organizations with large number of extensions; grouping extensions into categories which are presented as the first level phone menu helpful for organizations with large number of extensions (exclusive feature); additional security permissions allowing users to be restricted to only choose a status detail preset (can not enter their own msg); central page to manage preset status detail messages; scheduling auto-reset of statuses; user activity tracking and reports; bulk extension editor allows for easier setup of extensions; embeddable feed builder to insert status information on your own site/app via multiple widget options or via raw data; custom url directly to your page like " "

3. Pricing - Statusfy offers multiple levels of service which may be less expensive to some customers. If your requirements exceed a lower cost plan, you can choose to keep the same service level and price you have with RainoutLine while getting the improved interface and additional features. Customers would only pay more if they opt to access some of Statusfy's exclusive new features such as the categories features.  You can view the Statusfy plans here: The RainoutLine service level for comparison is: 99 extensions; 80k combined text/phone calls; soft limit of 99 org users

Do we have to switch to Statusfy?

No, at least not at this time. If you are happy with the service RainoutLine is providing you can continue without any change.  We will be directing any new customers signing up for RainoutLine to Statusfy so there will be no additional customers coming on to RainoutLine.  If a critical mass of existing RainoutLine customers switch to Statusfy by the end of 2024, we will likely retire the RainoutLine service and require all customers to move to Statusfy. If a critical mass remains on RainoutLine we will keep it running.

FAQs from customers switching from RainoutLine to Statusfy
1. Will our price change?

No/Optional. We will maintain the same level of service that existing customers receive on RainoutLine for the same price on Statusfy. For customers paying the standard $399 price, that is up to 99 extensions, up to 80,000 combined text/phone calls, 1 dial-in hotline, and a soft limit of up to 99 users (users that have permission to update your status information). There are a very small percentage of standard customers who are exceeding those limits. We will be working with those customers to address the over-usage issue regardless of if they remain on RainoutLine or switch to Statusfy. Some small, low-usage RainoutLine customers may benefit by switching to Statusfy's lower priced Small plan. Some Large customers may opt to upgrade to Statusfy's Large plan that includes a new Category feature.

2. Will our patrons need to change how they access our information and/or receive notifications?

No. Patrons that use the website or app, or have subscribed to email/text notifications via RainoutLine may continue to access the info and will continue to receive notifications even after you switch to Statusfy. The only difference is that the text alerts will come from a different 888 phone number and email alerts will come from a Statusfy email address.

3. Will we need to update our website with new banners and status feeds?

Possibly. If you have embeded a RainoutLine banner on your website, it will continue to show the updated status information but will continue to be branded as RainoutLine. You would need to update your website code to switch to a Statusfy branded banner, but is not critical since it will still display the proper status information.

If you have embeded a list of extension data then the branding issue will only be in that users clicking on an extension will be taken to RainoutLine instead of Statusfy, so you would want to update those lists as you're able.

If you are pulling JSON data via the RainoutLine API, you will not need to update anything as the updated status information will continue to be published via the RainoutLine links. You may want to update your code to pull from the Statusfy API at some point, but it should be a simple change of the URL and field name changes.

You can already access the Statusfy banner/embed/api options by going to your RainoutLine account's Statusfy page (see above) and clicking on the 3 bar menu icon in top right and selecting the Share and Integrate link.

Created: June 1, 2023
Last updated: 30+ days ago by Stephen Bickle