Dial-In Updates

This page will go over the instructions for using a phone to call in and update the status of an extension. This method of updating is not recommended due to the following reasons: 

  • Enabling access to update via phone allows someone to potentially guess your PIN and make unwanted updates. 
  • If you need to prevent someone from making updates, you will have to change the PIN. This means everyone else using the PIN must be informed about the new PIN immediately. 
  • The logging of status updates by PIN means that we cannot track which individual made the update. 
  • Any status detail message left is not transcribed to text, so any patrons using the web/app must click to play the audio. Text notifications will indicate the main status, but the patrons will need to call in or view the web/app to listen to the audio detail message.

For these reasons we recommend using the web or the app to update extension statuses. 

Instructions for updating via Dial-In

Setting up PIN codes

The first step will be to update your PIN settings. Starting on the main Dashboard, click the gear icon in the top right and then choose "Settings." Here you can enable, view, and modify the Master PIN. The Master PIN can be used to update ANY of your extensions, so it should not be easily guessed and only shares with users who will need to update every extension. 

Each individual extension can have it's own PIN code as well. If you have many users and don't want them all to be able to update every extension, then you would want to create individual PINs. These can be unique per extension or you can set up groups of extensions with the same PIN. You enable and modify the PIN for an extensions through it's settings by clicking the extension name itself and then the gear icon. Status updates for individual extensions can be made using EITHER the extensions PIN or the Master PIN.

Making Status Updates 

To do the update, call into your hotline number and follow the instructions to navigate to the extension you want to update. Once you hear the message for that extension, type *PIN#, like *3277#. You will then be walked through the process of updating the status and optionally recording a detail message.

**Note that if you instead enter the main *PIN# while listening to the Main Menu greeting, it will walk you through recording a custom main menu greeting. Make sure you do NOT do this if intending to update a status or you will end up confusing anyone that calls in as they will hear whatever you record as the main menu. Only go that route if you intentionally want a different main menu from the automated one that announces your list of extensions.

Created: March 28, 2024
Last updated: 27 days ago by Alli Bundy